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This is an attempt to write a "robot" that will play moves suggested by other players. Suggestions will be given either by chat to CommandBot, a second "robot"-account, due to Client/GTP-implementation, or via a Web-Interface after registration with the second robot (that is to restrict participation to those that are on the GO-Server).


  • How to play against KibitzBot?
    • You can send "register" to CommandBot in private chat and KibitzBot will open a game for you.
    • You can also send "match <your nick>" to CommandBot and KibitzBot will challenge you in your set up game.
  • How to ensure, that there are enough players to play against?
    • You can get a hint at how many players might be there by sending "status" to CommandBot. The answer will include a note like "[active: 0+3]". The first number indicates the number of players that have sent a move in the past 4 minutes (appr.), the second indicates how many players that have not sent a move told CommandBot that they are "available" for playing. If KibitzBot has not been playing, the "active" count will naturally be zero.
    • You can and probably should tell some people and meet for playing, that is the only reliable way to have opponents.
  • How to suggest a move?
  • When will KibitzBot be online?
    • By now the project is paused. But you can ask bigfatcat on KGS to start the bot or leave a note in the comments/suggestions area of this page.

More answers: coming soon, see CommandBot for command reference, that will implicitely explain some things.

Current implementation: KGS-Go-Server (KibitzBot/CommandBot)

Maintainer: bigfatcat

Project state: paused (first milestone reached).

Implementation state: idle - waiting for a real test run with several players - looking for most significant changes and additions to be done in an efficient way...

  • KibitzBot and CommandBot are functional in a very basic way, maybe they will be online for testing now and then, ask bigfatcat by private message.
  • Current topics: use of time settings and rules (+ "quick" decisions, ...)

The method of chosing a move is a current research topic, it might involve players ranks and their names and moves in correlation to past results. In any case the first attempt will involve simple majority, considering each player only once per move.

Another question is how to make KibitzBot play faster. The current method is to have a fixed (maximum) time per move, that KibitzBot will wait in order to receive move suggestions. CommandBot-"Admins" can force KibitzBot to play immediately and also change the maximum time. Desirable would be to somehow dynamically adjust the waiting time.

Finally and first a method is needed to decide whom KibitzBot will play against. There are two things that should be considered to avoid basic annoyance:

  • There should be people who give move suggestions, otherwise one will end up playing Gnugo.
  • The opponent should be aware of playing against KibitzBot, and not a certain bot or player, there could be a dan audience and there could be a ddk-auience...

In short two ways will most probably be implemented:

  • registration of the opponent "i want to play against KibitzBot".
  • choice by the audience "i want KibitzBot to play xyz".

Both methods will involve temporary disconnection of KibitzBot due to opponent-change. It should be added, that KibitzBot would be restarting every 15 seconds in order to determine the next opponent. KibitzBot does not offer games that can be joined by everyone, yet. That could be changed with an implementation of the 'available' feature, if enough players are available.



Phelan: Interesting idea. :)

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