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my nick.

Currently i am on the KGS-GO-SERVER.

Teaching / Studying :

I generally offer teaching games and will not resist giving reviews, ask me in case you want to have one.

In addition you can ask me to give a lesson on some topic, with a little preparation i might just do it (ladders for instance or reading).

Interesting for stronger players might be game replays with commentaries from books - or just tsume go and stuff from other books.

Just ask me if you are interested - i will be quite busy so i wont offer too much on my own.

Split Second Session:
This method consists of showing a position for a very short time, basically.
There may be repititions and there may be varying time intervalls, according to the complexity of the position.
This can be used for Spotting basic properties instantly, for Tsume Go, but also for opening positions and in fact for reading and such.
One can continue reading when the board is shown, this can help in memorizing and concentration and accuracy of reading or applying systematic ways. To train memorization it also can be useful, reconstructing the position from memory, or do simple reading from memory, but the latter should only be applied, if you memorize about perfectly and can reconstruct that position easily.
It is crucial to start with very simple positions, like spotting Atari and such, i recommend getting used to this practice starting with very simple positions, always do it light and relaxed.
By now one needs a person to do the showing of the board, i intend to write a go-software which will give means of studying this at home without partner for any given sgf.

Current research topics: GTP-tools, KibitzBot

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