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Ectospheno: Forgive my possibly ignorant question, but do we really need another go ruleset, much less one that "solves" a problem that to my knowledge has never occurred in a tournament game ever?

unkx80: I did not read his rules, but I think I understand what people like Wilton Kee, Bill Spight and Ing Chang Ki are trying to solve. To say that these never happened in tournaments is wrong, in fact, there were two famous examples involving Go Seigen that probably sparked the research into rulesets. I will try to find them and post these examples on SL shortly.

Ectospheno: Its entirely possible I just don't understand the problem. If you do have some tournament games that illustrate the problem the Kee Rules solve that others don't then I'd be happy to take a look at them.

unkx80: Okay I back out from this. However, I have already posted rule disputes involving Go Seigen, which could be a useful reference for rule disputes nonetheless, although irrelevant from your question I suppose.

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