Korean Prices Information Cup

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(物価情報杯/한국물가정보배 프로기전) The Korean Prices Information Cup was a rapid-game Korean professional tournament open only to 6-dans and higher, instituted in 2005. The time limits are 10 minutes each, with 60 seconds per move thereafter. Discontinued in 2015.

The prize money for the winner of the 2005 Cup is 20 million won ($20,000) with 6 million won ($6,000) for the runner-up.

Many Go fans in Korea have suggested that the prizes are too low for the competition to live on, so it's not entirely clear how optimistically this tournament will be received by professional Go players in Korea when it ends. -- kyeser, go4go.net

The final phase of the tournament consists of 4 four-player round robin leagues and the top two finishers in each league, eight in all, advance to the knockout stage where the final is a 3-game match.

The winners of each league are seeded into the next year's leagues. The remaining twelve players are chosen from a preliminary round.

Edition Year Winner Runner up Result
1 2005 Park Yeonghun Yi Ch'ang-ho 2-0
2 2006 Yi Se-tol Choi Wonyong 2-0
3 2007 Yi Se-tol Lee Yeongkyu 2-1
4 2008 Hong Sungji Yi Se-tol 2-1
5 2009 Kim Jiseok Yi Ch'ang-ho 2-0
6 2010 Yi Se-tol Yi Ch'ang-ho 2-0
7 2011 Lee Yeongkyu Yun Junsang 2-1
8 2012 An Sungjoon Kim Jiseok 2-0
9 2013 Park Junghwan Lee Yeongkyu 2-1
10 2014 Na Hyun Park Changmyeong 2-0

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