KGS Clans (version 323)

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The Clan System is a simple team tournament system on KGS where in each roughly 3 month period, teams ("clans") play games to reach a certain minimal level of activity and compete in the Clan Brawl (a big team tournament).

There are normally a number of other tournaments throughout the period including a rengo and individual tournament.

There is a room on KGS, "♦ The Battlefield", where all clan related activities take place.

The current clan rules, statistics and forum are available at [ext] (the is cheaper, it's not UK only!)

Old List of KGS Clans

(Many of these have been disbanded as the list is quite old.)

Alive clans active

  • Car Big Bomb?
  • Kisei
  • Kuro neko go Clan?
  • Random Unsettled Shapes?
  • Seigi no itte?
  • Shadowforce?
  • Ship Of Fools?
  • The Wolf Pack?
  • Ukrainian go?
  • Unforgiven?
  • UTM?

Non active clans alive

  • Ninja Tesuji Clan?
  • Good a move club?
  • insane asylum clan?
  • platypus clan?
  • rapid evolving moyo?
  • shusaku's diagnal go club?
  • tigers mouth
  • Ultra electro magnetic clan?

Deleted clans

  • Balance Clan?
  • Knights of the Goban?
  • Chronos?
  • Teh ramen stand?
  • -pH1-?
  • Ninja Tesuji Clan?
  • Elementals
  • Fullmetal Go Players?
  • The Dark Side?
  • Blaze of Glory?
  • LY Go Clan
  • Mysterions?
  • Bourbaki Clan?
  • ClanAku?
  • Clan Providence?
  • Cupu
  • Empty Clan?
  • FPMI?
  • FriendlyClan?
  • Guardians?
  • Greek Go Clan?
  • Karaidoth Clan?
  • Nihon Kiin Brasil Clan?
  • PStyle?
  • RurouniKen?
  • ShichoGoClan?
  • SilverFlame?
  • Spartans?
  • SquareEnix? Team Go
  • TheHouseOfDrunkenBlades?
  • The Jedi Clan?
  • WeiQiDragons?
  • Nishi No Hoshi?
  • European Go Brigade?

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