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Jun-Meijin (準名人, Semi-Meijin) is a Japanese go term and title during the Edo period of Japanese go, and was equivalent to the rank of 8-dan. Prior to the Edo period, the term Han-Meijin (半名人, Half-Meijin) was used. Throughout their periods of usage, these titles were accorded to seventeen players.

 Name                  Years of promotion - death
 Yasui Santetsu           1612-1644
 Hayashi Monnyusai        1612-????
 Honinbo Sanetsu          1630-1658
 Yasui Senkaku            1700-1737
 Hayashi Bokunyu Monnyu   1706-1726
 Inoue Sakuun Inseki      1721-1735
 Hayashi Incho Monnyu     1727-1743
 Yasui Shuntetsu Senkaku  1737-1775
 Inoue Shunseki           1734-1772
 Yasui Senchi Senkaku     1780-1814
 Honinbo Retsugen         1788-1808
 Honinbo Genjo            1808-1827
 Yasui Chitoku Senchi     1814-1838
 Hayashi Genbi Monnyu     1819-1848
 Inoue Genan Inseki       1828-1846
 Honinbo Shuwa            1847-1873
 Ito Showa                1869-1878 (Note: The only Jun-Meijin that was never the head of any house.)


It should be noted that 17th-18th century dates are approximate as to when 8 Dan was achieved.

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