Intermediate Level Power Builder

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Intermediate Level Power Builder
By: Wang Runan
Publisher: Yutopian, 1997

Wang Runan hosted a set of television lectures and lessons called 围棋中级解讲座 (Wei2 qi2 Zhong1 ji2 Jiang3 zuo4, Go Classes for Mid Kyu Players) sponsored by the Central Television station of China and the China Japan Friendship Go Association. To assist the audience, a book was published by Shu Rong Qi Yi Press. Intermediate Level Power Builder is a three volume English translation of that book.

Two volumes have now been translated by Yutopian as Y19 and Y35. As of April 2006, no date has been announced for the publication of the third volume.

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David Carlton's [ext] review of volume 1

PeterHB: Well chosen material for people around my level, the 8k - 1k level. I started with Vol. 2, liked it so much I bought Vol. 1 as a 2nd hand book. The publisher, Yutopian, is good, but I guess kind of stretched / over-worked. By the time the 2nd volume has been printed, the 1st volume is out of print. If the past is a guide to the future, the 2nd volume will be out of print by the time the 3rd volume is available. I can't help thinking that if all 3 volumes were available to buy at the same time, sales would be higher. As it is I guess they may decrease with each volume, thus decreasing the incentive to finish the 3rd volume. This is a shame, for such a well written book, that is pitched at just the right level for those of us just outside dan level. The series speaks usefully to us 2-6k who can fight, by showing the concrete consequences of various lines. I think the examples help to develop the judgement of where/how to fight so that its beneficial, rather than be left with a weakening of your overall position.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

  1. The Corner
  2. Selection of Joseki
  3. Oba
  4. Fuseki
  5. Opening Study 1
  6. Opening Study 2
  7. Three star opening
  8. Tactics
  9. Four star
  10. Invasion 1
  11. Invasion 2
  12. Invasion 3
  13. Invasion at 3-3

Volume 2

  1. The feel for attack
  2. Techniques of attack
  3. Urgent attacking moves
  4. In the heat of battle 1
  5. In the heat of battle 2
  6. Techniques of Attack 1
  7. Techniques of Attack 2
  8. Analyze a Famous Fighting game 1
  9. Analyze a Famous Fighting game 2
  10. Key moves of attack 1
  11. Key moves of attack 2
  12. Key moves of attack 3

Volume 3 (intended contents)

  1. Defense 1
  2. Defense 2
  3. Defense 3
  4. Learn from professional game 1
  5. Learn from professional game 2
  6. Learn from professional game 3
  7. Analysis of an amateur game
  8. Final exam
  9. Solutions

Sample Material

to be added

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