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unkx80: There is the possibility of Black playing at 1. I find it very tricky...

TakeNGive: That was my first approach. It doesn't work, does it? A white monkey jump destroys any possible black eye, I think.

unkx80: On the suggestion of the monkey jump, I think that White will have to beware of Black connecting in the vicinity of a, so that the wedge at b comes alive again.


The small monkey jump don't seem to work.


Black sacrifices a stone at 4, and wedges at 6. After Black 8, White is caught in a shortage of liberties and hence cannot play at a. So if I didn't read anything wrongly, the monkey jump will not work.


unkx80: How is White 1? If Black tries to make the second eye at 2, the tesuji from 3 to 7 will render it a false eye.

Turns out that this is exactly their Wrong Answer diagram...


unkx80: Black 2 tries to open up a ko, but White 3 and 5 destroy the eye at the side. It is not possible for Black to form an eye in the corner.

Any corrections?

Unkx80, you convinced me you are the lazy type. If ever you are in Belgium, can you drop by in our club to teach us how to approach a life and death problem ? With this kind of lazy attitude please. Dieter

LoL. If only I really analysed so much in my own games! =P --unkx80

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