Heading for Shodan

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Heading for Shodan -- Fundamental Problem Collection
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ISBN10 7-80548-696-4, 7-80548-714-6, 7-80548-697-2
206, 206, 206 pp.

Heading for Shodan -- Fundamental Problem Collection 迈向初段 基本问题集 a set of Chinese language Go books consisting of three volumes. One volume dedicated to each of three subjects: joseki, fuseki, and tesuji. The set was originally published in Japan and translated into Chinese.

These books can be found occasionally on eBay being offered by [ext] goplayer2006 (this is 震 主 Zhen Zhu - Go teacher on KGS known as hotdog)


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Table of Contents

The first volume, joseki 定式, contains 100 problems in two sections.

  • The first is entitled 星定式 hoshi josekis with 41 problems.
  • The second is entitled 小目及其它定式 komoku and other josekis with 59 problems.

The second volume, tesuji 手筋, contains 100 problems in two sections.

  • The first is called 基本篇 basic chapter with 40 problems.
  • The second is called 应用篇 applied chapter with 60 problems.

The third volume, fuseki 布局, contains 98 problems in three sections:

  • 大场的抢所 big points in fuseki of 34 problems;
  • 攻防的急所 vital points in attack and defence of 41 problems, and
  • 摸样的接点 contact points in frameworks of 23 problems

Sample Material

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Velobici: One question: what is the difference between 布局 and 抢所 ... both are being translated as fuseki.

In place of 大场的抢所, my copy has 大场的抢占....different printing? In the back mine seems to indicate March 2001 (twice) but I didn't look up the characters. And to top it off, I can't find 场 in my dictionary ;(

unkx80: A lot of information can often be found by Googling the Chinese titles, although the search results are in Chinese too.

To answer your question, I did not translate 大场的抢所 word for word. Roughly, 大 = big/large, 场 = place/location, 枪 = grab/snatch, 占 = occupy, 所 = place/house. So the translation for 大场的抢所/占 is roughly occupying/snatching of big points, but the context of 大场 is almost always fuseki.

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