GIB is the game format used by the Korean Tygem server.

Software that can handle GIB files

Eric Backus made a perl script for converting .gib files into .sgf, which was available at [ext] but that is now a dead link.

GokifuCom perl scripts for converting gib->sgf open sourced [ext]

[ext] Interactive web page that converts gib to sgf. It also has a downloadable Ruby script: [ext] gib2sgf.rb (Credit to xed_over at [ext] for finding this. )

xyz2sgf [ext] is a Python 3 script that can convert Tygem game records to SGF.

Parsing GIB

The format is a mess. However, it seems that an important source of information is the line GAMEINFOMAIN. Several of the tags in that line are informative:

  • GRLT specifies the result, where:
    • 0 == B wins by counting
    • 1 == W wins by counting
    • 3 == B+R
    • 4 == W+R
    • 7 == B+T
    • 8 == W+T
  • ZIPSU specifies the score (if the game was counted). The decimal point is missing, so divide by 10.
  • GONGJE specifies the komi. (Again, divide by 10.)

Alternatively, the GAMETAG line contains much of the same info:

  • The W tag corresponds to GRLT, above.
  • The Z tag corresponds to ZIPSU, above.
  • The G tag corresponds to GONGJE, above.
  • The C tag contains the date.

Handicap is specified in the INI line.

The move list itself is relatively clear, e.g.

  • STO   0   21   2   13   15
    • Means move 21, by player 2 (white) at coordinates 13,15.

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