The circled stone is of no concern.  

jms: I think we can safely ignore the black+circle stone. If B5 is played at white+circle, it is gote for black (and a mistake, as the move is uneccesary).

Instead, if black plays B3 at 'a', W4 is still fine. Could B play at b to threaten an eye?


jms: There are many possible continuations - but I think B has no eyespace after W1

Not quite the solution  
Not quite the solution (variant)  


A failed attempt (ko)  

Dieter This attempt is obviously related to the carpenter's square.

Carpenter's square  

The difference is that White can make an extra move now, while Black has a free hane at a and a leg at black+circle. Also note that Black has outside liberties which is a theme in the carpenter's square.

A systematic approach  

A systematic approach starts from here: an attempt to reduce the eyespace first. Black lives.


This variant, playing Black's best answer before he can do so, leads to something similar to a L+2-group which is a much easier shape than the carpenter's square. a and b are miai.

Variation at B6  

The 1-2 points are miai too. White can now connect on the first line, or create a dead nakade thanks to the special properties of the corner.

Variation at B2  

If B2 stretches, White kills with a placement W5 and a hane W7. If Black continues with a, then b produces a bent four in the corner shape.


unkx80: I'll assume that B2 is Black's sente. Then after B6, White has to play at W7 instead of a.

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