Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 38 / Solution


Main line: Hashimoto Utaro 9p
Variations: HolIgor, Dieter Verhofstadt 1k

Main line  

Variation 1: an eye in the corner  

If Black answers at B2, White has W3 to make miai of a and b for life.

Variation 1a (continuation)  

Demonstration of W5 giving two eyes.

Slightly worse  

White can also live by playing at W1. Black removes the aji with B2 and gets two points more compared to variation 1a.

Slightly worse, variation  

This B2 looks frightening, but white can capture some stones. (Either a or ''b' next will win the capturing race.)

Slightly worse 2  

If White starts here, then a sequence similar to Variation 1a makes Black one point better off. Looking back at 1a, it would be as if White afterwards exchanged W1 for B2, which effectively gives away 1 point.


White must be very careful not to play W3 in reply to B2, because B4 kills her.

Variation 2  

What about Black playing the monkey jump right away?

Variation 2 (continuation)  

White cuts at W3 and after W9, Black can't play at a because of shortage of liberties. By the way, W3 at B4 would be a mistake.

Mistake in Variation 2  

Problem 39

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