Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 35 / Solution

White lives  

W1 involves some sacrifice tactics.

Main line  

White sacrifices W1, and then makes two eyes by capturing B2 and B4, leaving the marked stones unprotected (Black can play at a later on, to capture them in a snapback). Note that White's liberty at b is crucial; if not for it, B6 at c prevents W7. See J-group#straight J-group.

At several stages, White can make a mistake.

Mistake at move 7  

White dies in gote, the worst of all events, because Black can almost fill White's eyespace with a bulky five at any time.

This is the sort of bad move that could be in the (imaginary) book Get Strong At Gote.

Mistake at move 5  

At move 5, if White gives atari with W1, Black can start a ko at a or b.

Mistake at the first move  

Simply connecting is not good enough. After B4, Black will be able to almost fill White's eyespace with a killing shape.

Mistake 2 at the first move  

W1 is a move that may come to mind. Black grabs the vital point at B2. If W3, then B4 blocks on the outside. If White plays at a to prevent the snapback, he dies in gote.

Mistake 3 at the first move  

After B2, White is dead because a and b are miai for Black.


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