Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 28 / Solution

Black lives  

B1 is maybe a little unexpected.

Main line  

Up to B7, Black sacrifices his black+circle stones, to secure life for his group.


White captures the stones in gote.

Variation at 6  

W6 in this diagram is followed by the atari at B7, and her stones are in shortage of liberties. This is better for Black than the main line.

Variation at 5  

Changing the order of B5 and B7 gives the same result, but it doesn't invite White to make the small mistake at W6 in the previous diagram.

Variation at 2  

Black lives easily.

Variation at 1  

Changing the order of B1 and B3 also seems to work.

Variation at 1 (part B)  

If W2 here, B3 makes miai of a and b.

Variation at 1 (part C)  

With W4 as here, White cannot even capture a stone, because shortage of liberties at a prevents her from making the eye false.


Black 1 does not put enough pressure on the invading group, allowing white to capture the two stones on the left. black's remaining stones have only one big eye.

The straight J group with an outside liberty resp.
Problem 29

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