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The Chinese character 碁, as used in Japanese, means, and is pronounced, "go". The top portion 其, is the same as the right hand side of the ki character 棋. At the bottom is 石, meaning stone.


碁 appears in the following Japanese compounds:

  • go-kaisho 碁会所 (go parlor)
  • go-dokoro 碁所 (medieval go rank)
  • go-uchi 碁打ち (go player)
  • go-ishi 碁石 (go stones)
  • goban 碁盤 (go board)
  • gokeishi 碁罫紙 (game record paper)
  • gokei 碁形 (position)
  • gofuu 碁風 (go style; alternative to kifuu)
  • goke 碁笥 (bowl)
  • hayago 早碁 (lightning go)
  • manego マネ碁 (mirror go)
  • hebogo ヘボ碁 (poor go)
  • mego 目碁 (playing go for money)
  • okigo 置碁 (handicap go)
  • goshi 碁士 (go professional, more commonly written 棋士)
  • kifu 碁譜 (go game record)
  • 碁道 (way/path of go)
  • 碁力 (go strength)
  • gosei 碁聖 (go saint/sage)
  • 碁戦 (go tournament)
  • gokai 碁界 (go world)
  • 碁客 (go player)


The character 碁 also is used in Chinese (the Chinese name of leading PC manufacturer [ext] Acer (宏碁) uses the character), but according to a native speaker informant:

It is not a common character in our society. This character was not in the pre-defined 13,000 Chinese character set in the computer before Acer became famous. I think most people do not know this character is actually the same as 棋. So you're right that it is not used as a game of go any more. We use 棋 rather than 碁 for the game of go. The meaning of this character is changed as well to 'a solid foundation', so when people see the Chinese name of Acer, I think nobody links the name with the game."

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