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Swiveling around in the wonderfull world of Go... I always hope to start to learn the game seriously, but I never find the time....

Hi Gerhard You can turn "Don't make unnecessary moves" into "Play all moves with a reason". Looking at your graph you're still improving quite fast :) Kosh

Things that made my play improve (a kind of WebLog) :

These are all quite trivial, but they have helped me a lot

  • realising that you need to control 3 corner points around a diamond shape to make sure the eye is real
  • I learned the eye-stealing tesuji
  • play the big moves first
  • don't make unnecessary moves?.

15/03/2004 I improve really slowly (I only play one or two games a week) but at the moment I start to get a feeling for the 'important' moves if I have to tenuki after a fight is over. Also the importance of the first 20 moves of the game slowly starts to overwhelm me. I have to start reading books about this...

19/03/2004 The "don't make unnecessary moves" principles sometimes gives a nice victory, but also leads to great losses. I still have to find a balance in leaving a fight and keeping on securing my groups

The last months I've been playing large monkey-jumps early on in the game. This I should not do any more. The wall the oponent can build than gives him more points than I steal from him.

Stupid mistakes I keep on making:

  • That large group must be alive! (and dies within 2 moves... )
  • Spending 5 minutes to read out a sequence in the corner, deciding that playing there won't have the desired effect and place my stone within 10 seconds on a rather arbitrary point.
  • Thinking that my almost secured territory is already my territory

My rank graph(for what it's worth..... ):

KGS Rank Graph

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