GR Game 4

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Online Go, Ongoing game

This is a 3-a-side RenGo.

Teams (about 16k EGF):

White: Migeru, BenH and BenS

Black: PPAdams, MattHope, NathanP

Tromp-Taylor Rules, Handicap 2, Komi = -4

GR Game 4 (moves 1-10)  

nathanp B1: took me a while to work out which corner to play for

Migeru W2: pass for handicap.

MattHope B3: carve it up

BenH W4: Not so sure about all these 4-4 points on a 13x13 board.

PPAdams B5: You can't get away from the fact that there are 4 of them and someone's gotta have them. We've got our 2. About time you caught up.

BenS W6:

nathanp B7:

Migeru: good extension.

Migeru W8: Better to exploit Peter's bad move than to fix BenS's.

PPAdams: Yes, I did wonder about that.

MattHope B9: aggressive inroads into that corner then

BenH W10

GR Game 4 (moves 11-20)  

PPAdams B1: Hmmm, so much to do.

Migeru This is great, now BenS should be able to play a sente move.

BenS W2: Not sure what I should be trying to plan for at this stage in a game... First time on a board over 9x9.. but I like this top corner..

Migeru Have no plan in the opening.

NathanP B3: If it's good for them it's bad for us so I better block it.

Migeru W4: Sigh...

MattHope B5: run away...

BenH W6: I think the bottom left is safe now, and the forcing moves don't seem to improve our position that much, so I think it's time to join Ben in the top right.

PPAdams B7: Ok, let's play at the top then.

BenS W8: I knew people would follow eventually...

Migeru: Indeed, where you lead we follow.

NathanP B9: or is that benign? I'm no good at invading so I'll leave that to my more esteemed colleagues.

Migeru: That is good for helping B7 and at the same time preventing a san-san invasion of your corner

Migeru W10: There is nothing urgent.

GR Game 4 (moves 21-30)  

MattHope B1: begin the fight for the center. I believe this is a reasonably defensive play but avoids being focused at the top or the bottom

PPAdams: I don't think I like touching the white stone. It always seems that you've reduced your free sides by 1 before you even start. Maybe I'm wrong to think this.

Migeru: I think you're right. As a rule, you attack from a distance and defend in contact. Contact plays will tend to strengthen the opponent's structure. What this disagreement means is that Matt thinks he's defending, and you think you should be attacking. More about this after the dust settles.

BenH W2: I previously thought this exchange was pointless -- now it seems useful.

PPAdams B3: Don't really like this. Seems a bit boring.

BenS W4: Think it's up to Migeru to do something clever for white now....

NathanP B5: I don't like the way this is going...

Migeru: Neither do I, as a matter of fact.

Migeru W6: I think we win the semeais and ladders here.

MattHope B7: OK - surely this is defensive :)

Migeru: and good shape, too.

BenH W8: Boring, but I think it works out reasonably.

Migeru: About time we fixed the bad aji of W2 and W4.

PPAdams B9: I think we unfortunately need to do something here.

Migeru: If you're going to peep at the cutting point and extend you might as well have played at W10.

BenS W10 :

GR Game 4 (moves 31-40)  

NathanP B1 : Have to respond to W10 somehow. This seems the least negative

Migeru: That's a great move. Natural and strong.

Migeru W2: Not much choice, really.

MattHope B3: can't let you flank this position from underneath

BenH W4: A bit painful to ignore the bottom, but I think this is more important.

PPAdams B5: How annoying, didn't want to have to play here.

Migeru: Of course, you wanted to play at W4, which would have been a big sente move.

BenS W6

NathanP B7: Not feeling inspired today. Will leave the imaginative moves to the others

MattHope This can be effective in the Rengo nathan - forcing the stronger player to play an equally unimaginative move. There is a cost in that we lose a possible ko-threat as well as the risk that the move is no sufficiently important so that the other player gets a chance to make their big move...

Migeru: I like it that Nathan is playing mostly natural moves. In this case, the price of not replying is a 10-point swing.

Migeru W8: Urgent before big. Sigh.

MattHope B9: Think this secures almost the whole bottom corner as our territory - my counting is rubbish but I think this is worth about 6-8 points

BenH W10: Might as well put a bit of pressure on the black stone.

GR Game 4 (moves 41-50)  

PPadams B1: Pressure away.

BenS W2: I'm certainly feeling the pressure

NathanP B3: I hope I haven't missed something

Migeru W4: As a matter of fact you have, but (overdramatizing a bit) B3 takes away our last chance to make up our disadvantage. I think we're over 20 points down, not even counting komi.

MattHope B5: shore it up

BenH W6:

PPAdams B7: Most interesting.

BenS W8:

Migeru: Ben, if B3 came immediately after W8, would you say "ouch"?

NathanP B9: Perhaps i should consolidate - but it looks like we might steal something.

Migeru W10: Our position has collapsed, but I don't think we're losing so badly that we need to resign. We will lose by at least 9 points.

GR Game 4 (moves 51-60)  

MattHope B1: after careful thought I have decided to go with PlayDoubleSenteEarly advice

Migeru: As BenH said, this is not double sente because Black has 2 stones on the 2nd line, so white's play would be gote.

BenH W2: That move is sente, but not double sente, I think. It still doesn't hurt to play it, but it's less urgent.

PPadams B3: OK, let's finish this little edge off.

BenS W4:

BenH: I might have been tempted to play this one further to the left, to reduce the damage from B5. What do you think, Miguel?

Migeru: I agree.

NathanP B5: forwards!

Migeru W6:

MattHope B7: What the hell - Charge!

BenH W8: Blah blah blah.

PPAdams B9: Let's see where this takes us.

BenS W10:

Migeru: Geez, Ban, you just gave up at least 10 points!

PPadams: I was wondering if there would be something over here at the end of the game but defending B9 was the more pressing matter to attend to.

Migeru: I cannot fault BenS for not reading Black's cut just below W10 correctly (or at all).

GR Game 4 (moves 61-70)  

NathanP B1: Perhaps I can jump further - but this seems deadly enough.

Migeru W2: I think Nathan gave us a couple of points back.

MattHope B3: Maintain the pressure - see if you crack

BenH W4: Let's trade invasions.

Migeru: Go Ben! This is called mutual damage. I wish you had applied the same principle at move W46.

PPAdams B5: Ok, I'm pretty sure this isn't the best move but I'm worried about what will happen if I go the other way.

BenS W6: Threatening behaviour

Migeru: I think we're back to losing by less than 10 points.

NathanP B7: things going sour

Migeru W8: I think I read this sequence out correctly...

MattHope B9: You should have let those two die Nathan - in (futilely) trying to keep them alive it allows white to strengthen their position at the top where we are weak without introducing any bad adj (or even a decent ko-threat). Time to Just shore things up and take a win by 7 or so points plus Komi

PPAdams: I thought we could keep them alive (just). I could be wrong though. Required a black play 2 left of W8 I think in a few moves time.

Migeru: I thought white could kill with a white stone to the right of B1.

PPAdams: BenH has shown me that I'd missed how the weak black group in the centre complicates things.

BenH W10: I thought it was complicated if W tried to save the stones. But I'll take them anyway.

Migeru: I restored the captured stones, it is hard to read the sequence otherwise.

GR Game 4 (moves 71-80)  

PPAdams B1: Curses!

MattHope: I think this is a clear case of Attack while dozens of points ahead I think my B57 would have been much better off shoring up the top left instead. <sigh>

Migeru: B57 would have been better at B59, but I think the mistake was not playing B61 at W66.

BenS W2: Hmmm.. Feel I should be attacking but can not see where. So I'll think small and protect the one white stone that's almost surrounded.

NathanP B3: Safety first - ensure the win.

Migeru W4: you took care of our only sente move, pretty much.

MattHope B5: if it's any consolation BenS your move only lost two points (and sente I think). we should win by about 7 + Komi now

Migeru W2 should definitely have been at B3.

BenH W6: Bored now.

PPadams B7: Nearly done.

BenS W8:

NathanP B9: I think that removes our last chance for a mistake.

Migeru W10: Unfortunately.

GR Game 4 (moves 81-90)  

MattHope B1: last few

BenH W2: Blah blah blah.

PPAdams B3: Done!

BenS W4: At what point do we admit defeat?

Migeru: If you have nothing better to do than play in your own territory, you pass. After both players pass consecutively, the game is over.

MattHope: Technically speaking this is not always true (though in most cases it is). This is (to me) one of the only two rules that can be confusing and vary significantly based on the rule set you are using:

Pass - in most cases the intent of both players passing is to end the game and move to the Scoring phase. With ChineseCounting an easy option exists for dealing with groups where the live or dead status is disputed. Simply continue playing until once again you get a double pass at which point the status should have been decided. With JapaneseCounting this is not an option without maintaining a bit more state or using a somewhat more complex rule for the 'secondary' phase

SuperKo - thankfully the odds of you being hit by this in your early games is remote (I would guess because beginners play would tend to 'finalise' the state of groups by playing them out rather than accepting their eventual state and leaving them to play somewhere else)

Migeru: See [ext] this appendix to the Tromp-Taylor rules for a scheme where two consecutive passes initiate the scoring phase, but four consecutive passes end the game.

NathanP B5: Pass.

Migeru W6: Pass. Black wins by 19.

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