Fujitsu 2011 final game analysis


The game evolved from a variation of the 3-4 point low approach two-space high pincer 4-7 press, into a fighting game. Qiu Jun (White) deviated from the common patterns at move 16 (W10 in below diagram), creating what has been judged as a potential new joseki.

Until further notice, the following analysis was conducted at 2d amateur level. Update: [ext] has An YoungGil's splendid treatment of this game and the joseki. I haven't borrowed anything from that page in here, for I think it should at least during the first months be respected for copyright, even if quoted. Some of the points below are confirmed, but there are of course many things I didn't take into account. So go there and read!

Moves 7 to 16  

Earlier, W16 was played at a. See 3-4 point low approach two-space high pincer 4-7 press, variation 3.

Moves 17 to 26  

W22 can be a move hard to understand. If White captures a stone at B23 instead, Black will live by intruding into the left and White's influence may not be sufficient.

Moves 27 to 36  

B27 here is an important point for influence. If at W28 instead, White will exchange a for b then take this point and Black's top central stones are floating.

Moves 37 to 38  

When Black defends at B37 here, White continues to develop this corner exchange into a large scale fight with W38.

Joseki evaluation:

  • Corner territory: Divided. Both have a small group, Black's being a bit larger.
  • Influence: Black has influence towards the top side, cooperating well with his top right corner stone. White likewise has influence towards the bottom right. White has more influence towards the centre.
  • Aji: White's position is somewhat thinner, with a and b as potential cuts. Black's top group however is a bit heavy.
  • Sente: White has sente now, but considering the pattern evolved in one of "his" two corners, this is only to be expected.

Why not here with W22?  

Although Black is crawling along the second line, perhaps White did not get enough from a left side where he invested 2 stones.

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