3-4 point low approach two-space high pincer 4-7 press

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Joseki
Two-space high pincer  

This big jump of B1, as an answer to the 3-4 point low approach two-space high pincer, is a move between a counter pincer and a pressing move. In most professional games, a is played to cut and connect on a large scale. Sometimes b is played.

Until further notice, the following analysis was performed at 2d amateur level.

Main line

Main line  

There is hardly any variation up to W5. Black continues with a or b, but let's first investigate W5 at b.

White's too soft?  

It seems Black can live with many points in sente. White's influence is not great. Also, White a next will not end in sente either. Probably this is too soft on Black.

Variation 1  

This is the most common variation. White takes grand influence, while Black takes ample corner territory, sente and aji at a. Incidentally, B9 is not at b because W9 will be sente. The loss of corner territory and aji does not outweigh the negated influence.

Variation 2  

Here Black and White exchange major influence.

Variation 3  
Variation 3 (ctd)  

In this third variation, Black establishes a position on both sides in gote. White has some influence in the centre.

Variation 4  

In the Fujitsu cup final of 2011 by Park Jung Hwan (Black) and Qiu Jun (White), White played W4 and W6, W8 to protect the cut at a and then the remarkable W10, leading to heavy fighting. See Fujitsu 2011 final game analysis


Variation at move 4  

The only way to capture white+circle directly is a ladder. If the ladder doesn't work for Black, W4 is an option. As with other ladder dependent sequences the result depends very much on how effectively the aji of black+circle will be used.

Variation at move 3  

B13 is played at a. This is a more peaceful variation, with Black taking corner territory in gote. It seems like White's influence is too powerful now, so perhaps this variation is only used when it cannot be put to use.

Variation at move 2  

In this variation, the idea is for Black to hurt the pincer stone and build large scale influence. Other answers than W3 need to be explored still.

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