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These are quotes of strong KGS players and professionals. I hope understanding meaning of them will result in reaching shodan quickly :)

Kageyama Toshiro:

“One cannot expect to turn thickness directly into territory. The correct strategy is to have it stare down at the enemy, silent and threatening.”

Dragos Bajenaru:

"An attack is meant to bring you control and points, if you try to kill your chances are slim "

"When you attack, start from far away , prepare your fighting ground"

Shen Jing:

"First question you have to ask yourself before you start an attack is : Where are you going to benefit from this attack?"

Cornel Burzo:

"No need to save all the stones, you're probably not Bruce Willis, he saves everybody :)"

Dango Mouse:

"in go it's usually hard to have everything"


"Don't get surrounded in sente !!!"


"Territory is nothing but side effect of strength of stones"

"Padook is not a game of killing stones, but of efficiency of stones."

"Sacrificing is often better way to fight"

Kajiwara Takeo:

"If play flows smoothly in the correct order and with due regard to prevailing circumstances , then josekis are irrelevant"

"Being insensitive to the direction of play leads to rushing about wildly. And rushing about wildly is how you get hurt"

"That's what fuseki is all about : making moves on the strength of stones already played"

"The important thing in GO is to play with a positive attitude"

"If an attack is going to fail , it is better not to start an attack. Rather, one should hold back and reinforce one's own position"

"One must adopt one's approach to the whole board, that is, sacrifice what should be sacrificed and take what should be taken"

Takagawa Kaku:

"It can never be forgotten that over-concentration of strength is forbidden in fuseki"

Nagahara Yoshiaki:

"A person with panicky temperament will not become a good Go player"


"ya but ... killing is never a good plan only a decent result :/"

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