How Forums Work

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Forums can be reached by the "discuss page" link in the top bar.

This page should eventually describe forums in more detail. For now, just the bare essentials:

  • Each page has its own forum. A page and its subpages share the same forum.
  • If a page has posts in its forum a number next to the "discuss page" link appears. It gives the number of topics in the forum of the page.
  • Basically the forum works like any other forum software.
  • Only original authors can edit their own postings.
    • Librarian and admins can edit any posting
  • If you are an anonymous user then you cannot edit your posting - ask an admin to do it for you (?: page Quick Questions?).
  • Full wiki formatting, linking, diagrams, etc. allowed in posts
  • Librarian and admins can delete posts and topics. They also can move topics to other pages and change the hierarchy of posts (the nesting) within a topic.
  • There is no archive for postings. When you edit your own post, the previous version is gone. No reviving possible.
  • You can set pages to the "Forum" pagetype. Unless you know what this does, stay away from it. For an example page see QuickQuestions.
  • Choose sensible subjects and summaries. They appear in RecentChanges.
  • When replying, keep the quoting short. Excessive quoting is bad style. The quoted material usually is direct above your post, so why quote it?
  • If you have an account and are logged in, don't prefix your post with your name. Your (linked) name is already in the header of your posting.

Oh, and read the WikiEtiquette before posting. It sure helps.

See also: SL - Forum Policy

Link to forums

To link to forum entries use the prefixes p:, posting:, t:, topic:, f:, or forum: like this: p:1 topic:1 forum:ArnoHollosi. You can name the links with the [ | ] syntax as well.

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