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This page provides an overview of file formats that are used to store (and exchange) Go games.

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Major file formats

  • GIB
    • Used by the Korean Tygem server, allegedly the world's largest Go server.
  • SGF
    • The Smart Game Format, (originally the Smart Go Format?) is the most popular file format on the internet for games and problems.
  • GO, SF, Ishi
    • This is the self-proclaimed Standard Format; it was used by some programs for years.
  • Text diagrams
    • Used on Usenet to express games in newsgroups that disallow attachments, text characters formatted into a board are commonly used in discussions. Sensei's Library diagrams seem to be based on this practice. Many diagram editors can import these diagrams, and see also WinMGTToSLFConverter
    • This format is mostly used in Asia, sometimes compressed and called 'UGZ'

Some other formats

  • SGN
    • Smart Game Notation is a file format for saving positions. Its main purpose is to make collection of go problems.
  • [ext] XGF - An XML Game Format
    • This is a detailed draft proposal for moving SGF from its list format into an XML-based format. The spec warns people not to implement the format yet, though. XGF 0.1 is dated April 7, 2002, though, so it seems that the proposal gained too little developer support to be used.

Still to investigate

  • BDX - which program? See forum for MultiGo
  • GAM - TurboGo pretends to be able to load it, possibly the same format as the old Nemesis game format (binary). Jan van der Steen had possibly built a converter for this format (very old, for Amiga? Atari?)
  • GOS
  • HON
  • Liberty - This was used by the AtariGo software, it is mentioned in the notes of GoBase's sgf2misc
  • MPA
    • see PilotGOne

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