XML Game Format

[ext] XGF is a proposed successor to the SGF file format. SGF is the the de-facto standard of Go game files. XGF is an XML based format, which is intended to build on the SGF format while allowing the use of the many widely available XML libraries.

XGF has been recommended as a means of labeling game data using human expert knowledge, which would then be available to machine-learning applications: [ext] Learning Patterns in the Game of Go

[ext] XGF specification version 0.1 dated 2002-04-07

XuanXuanGo Format

XGF can also refer to a file format introduced by XuanXuanGo

XuanXuanGo supports almost all SGF properties, except for drawing lines, arrows, and a handful of other properties which XuanXuanGo deems to be unnecessary.

Although SGF is very popular, it has some limitations:

  • no file description,
  • no file type information
    • an ordinary game file?
    • a joseki file?
    • a problem file?

Type information is important, as programs use different ways to open files of different types. The properties for each move in a game are not enough. XuanXuanGo introduces a new file type to address above problems, many new properties for Go problems, Joseki, and Go tutorial materials are added. The new file format is called XGF (XuanXuanGo File), it's binary and more efficient in storage uses.


Is there someone still working on this project or has it been trashed? - RetroGen

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