Eye by Exhaustion

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Eye by exhaustion is a term coined by Tamsin that describes an eye-making technique. Here, an eye is formed because the required throw-in move required to falsify this eye turned out to be a suicide move.

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Eye by exhaustion

Starting position  

This example is a sample problem from the Korean Problem Academy (on Gobase). Black to live.

White's stones are too "exhausted" to move  

After B1 and B3, Black makes two eyes and lives because the existence of the white+circle stones make both a and b suicide moves, which is illegal in some rulesets. In Tamsin's terms, the White stones are too "exhausted" to go one step further.

Even if self-capture is legal... (5 at 4, 7 at 6)  

Even if self-capture is legal, such as when using Ing's rules, Black still lives. Because when W4 makes a self-capture, it is Black's turn and Black can now play B5 at W4. Similarly, W6 is answered at B7.

Why other methods fail


B1 is a mistake. After W2, the chain containing W2 has two liberties, and the atari at a and b are miai. Black is dead.

Issue of ko-threats


Although there is no difference in the status of the groups with "eyes by exhaustion" when different rulesets are applied, there is a difference where ko-threats are concerned. Here, White has a (loss-making) ko-threat at a if self-capture is allowed, but White has none otherwise.

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