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B1 is necessary, eventually. It can also be at a, or any other move that protects against the cut. W2 captures three stones.


Black recaptures at B3 and W4 blocks. Next B5 connects at W2. Black has 25 points of territory, plus one prisoner. White has 16 points of territory, plus 3 prisoners. On the board Black wins by 7 and can thus afford a komi up to 6,5 points.


Mistake - Black loses  

For Black to connect at B1 leads to a hideous loss, because of a shortage of liberties.

If Black does nothing  

If Black passes

If Black does nothing (ii)  

he cannot connect at W2 after W3. If he connects at a instead:


White takes the ko and has more threats, starting with the cut at a. So White connects the ko and Black wins by 6 points. Black has lost a point.

White response  

Playing B4 here is the same as connecting at B1 in the initial diagram. White could play W5, capturing the four black stones. If Black responds with B6, W7 captures all seven stones.

The cut

The cut  

The cut at W2 here doesn't work. White can't get more liberties than either of the black groups.

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