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You can enter in Open and/or Handicap division.
In each division, players are divided into pools and play simultaneously against all others in their pool.
Top players in each pool advance to next round until the last one determines the winners.

To register : Click on the Edit link to edit the page (see How To Use Wiki for more informations). Copy and paste the name of the previous participants, replace his DGS userid by your own, check the minor edit box, click save.


Rules as follows:


  • Handicap: none, all games even with nigiri
  • Komi: 6.5
  • Board: 19 x 19
  • Time: 3 months per player no byo-yomi
  • Rated: yes
  • Clock runs on weekends: yes
  • Rounds: 3
  • Pools: 17 pools of 7 in first round, 5 pools of 9 in second round. Best 2 players form each pool to advance to next round. sodos will be used as a tiebreaker.
  • Byes: Finalists of previous tourneys can register directly for the second round. Dan players (with a 6 months old DGS account and 5 wins against other dans) can also register for the second round.
  • Registration end : 31st of December 2007
  • Tournament start : January 2008


A solid rank is needed to enter handicap division (at least 10 finished rated games)
Rating will be fixed using actual rating of each one when tournament will start

  • Handicap: Conventional handicap reduced by 2, limited to 9 stones
  • Komi: 6.5 if even game, 0.5 if not even game
  • Board: 19 x 19
  • Time: 3 months per player no byo-yomi
  • Rated: yes
  • Clock runs on weekends: yes
  • Rounds: 3, sodos will be used as a tiebreaker.
  • Pools: 13 pools of 9 or 10 players in first round, the three best players in each pools advance to round 2. 4 pools in round 2, with the two best players advancing to the final round.
  • Registration will end on the 31st of January.
  • Tournament start: Beginning of February



Registration for the first round is now closed

If you meet the requirements (finalist of a previous tourney or dan level) and want to register for the second round, send a [ext] message

The pools for first round can be found [ext] here


Registration is closed

The first round pools can be found [ext] here


Dragon Go Server





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