Dieter's study of Otake game 2

    Keywords: Game commentary
Moves 28 to 37 (7 at 2)  

W28 is a surprise move. Otake has noticed a ladder

Moves 38 to 47  

Black leans against Otake's left side to gain strength for the fight, but Otake treats these stones lightly and goes for a big capture.

Moves 48 to 57  

I did not get W54 and I still don't. Why spend two moves if you can do it directly? I think it should be at W56.


To me, W58 is a typical Otake move. It looks like playing close to thickness, but it actually is more like playing on the border of two moyos. The corner capture is gigantic, but with the top right moyo, one cannot say White is ahead by that great a margin.

Moves 80 to 89  

We're a bit later in the game. Black's reduction of the lower right has resulted in secure territory and two somewhat running groups. But it is White's influence that prevails in these tactics. Black cannot fight in the centre.

W80 is a typical probe preparing for sabaki. W82 and 88 increase the sphere of influence, and Black even needs to come back to defend at B87 against W86.

Moves 90 to 94  

The central moyo is completed with W90 and W92. Now Black reduces with B93 immediately, but W94 is yet another calm response by Otake, applying mutual damage. After having trimmed down the upper right with his sabaki techniques, he seems confident in victory.

Dieter's study of Otake game 2 last edited by Dieter on February 22, 2013 - 14:29
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