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How to use DashN on Windows without IE?

First download and install the [ext] Compact Version and then download and install the direct version [ext] Direct Version of the client. Run the latter. The direct version enables you to connect to DashN without first logging in from the DashN homepage (that seems to be only possible with the IE). However, you first must install the compact version since the direct version of the client requires a DashEngine.dll dynamic library. This library does not come with the download of the Direct Version.

Moved from below: betterlife It still works. You simply need the update.exe which strangly is not availabe on the dashn website anymore. [ext] I put it on my own website, feel free to try it out. The main problem now is an other though. Since the database got messed up in late 2009 it's no longer possible to register new accounts in english but if you have an old account it still works everthing fine.

  1. mdh Where does interup.exe come in? Is it a patch for the Direct version since it shares a similar name? (The patch option)
  2. Hiker interup.exe is a patch for the compact, full, or avatar version. It is not a patch for the direct version. I've had a lot of trouble installing and using Dashn. I'd like to use the direct version. But following the above directions, I get stuck after logging in. I am notified that there is is a new version and that the program will automatically update. But that process always fails. I've tried applying iterup.exe but that simply reverts the program back to a compact version, meaning I'd have to use IE ... one big circle.
  3. mb? I tried above but I get stuck too because the automatically update fails of the direct version. When I try to log in via IE it asks to install the callclient.cab. After installation of the activex component nothing happens. The only message I see is "Please wait, Loading now..". I am open for suggestions.
  4. MHenry? The English version of Dashn currently on the web site (3.31) does not work on my XP system. I copied all the files (version 3.66) from an old Win2000 system and it works just fine on my new XP system. Please let me know if you want me to send you the files. mhlester (at) ca.rr.com
  5. Hiker Michael (MHenry) sent me the files via email. Installing was simplicity itself. Works like a dream. I can *finally* get onto Dashn!
  6. muhihi? Please explain which one of the downloadable versions is 3.66?

DashN and Kanji

uxs: Excellent... no more IE for me :-) Now... does anyone know how I could get the client to display the kanji-like characters, instead of the weird ascii-signs ? I don't understand Korean or Japanese or whatever, but it would at least look nicer.

minismurf: I get the impression that the chat and names in the "International" version in not transmitted correctly, possibly on purpose. I hope I am wrong on this, but previously, I had success in using a software called MagicWin to display the chat, but when I tried it last week, it didn't work either. But, please try it and tell me how it works out.

ZeroKun: Try using NJStar.

DashN on Linux

Helger: my experience when trying to use DashN on Linux/wine: after following the above instructions for Dashn on Windows, I get an empty grey page with a several buttons on the right hand side. Some buttons (ranking, buddy, setting, master) work, some others (home, go to clubs home) do not. And then people start challenging me - I can't accept since then I get an OLE error. On the other hand, there seems to be no possibility to get a list of players, a list of games or anything like that so as to challenge somebody else or to observe games. Any help?

with the latest wine (20040121), I get just an endless loop with the message "fixme:thunk:CommonUnimpStub generic stub: ?". May be there will be some improvements in a year? If anybody has more success with DashN with any (possibly old) version of wine, please let us know.
I could install in the upper given order alright using Cxover 2.1. Although I have an Internet explorer installed after installing Office 2000. I just lost a game on Dashn, there are no error messages so I assume it works 100%. Cxover uses Wine 20030911.
CXover is basically wine, no? I installed a demo version of CXover, and got exactly the same results as with the regular wine. Though less error messages in console, I still get exactly the same popup windows with error messages "Interface not supported", "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" and "OLE control activation failed". And then empty field with nonworking right-hand icons. Any hints?
I managed to install the dashn client following the above instructions (first the compact version, then the direct version) using the 20040121 snapshot of wine. After instalation, I tried to run IBSEng.exe, but wine entered debug mode after a segmentation fault. I removed some of the system DLLs that are installed in the client home directory and tried to run it again. After showing a few popups with error messages, the client main window appeared with the login window in its center. I logged in, and the client seemed to be running ok. However, I don't know how well it was running, since I don't like dashn very much, and don't know about the client options. For instance, I could not watch a game, but I don't know how to do that with the client, and didn't try very hard anyway. The DLLs that I erased from the client directory were all those with capitalized 'DLL' extension. GDI32.DLL, KERNEL32.DLL, so that the builtin ones from wine would get used.
Thanks, Geraldo! However, removing DLL-s only made me to stuck at the same place where I was before installing 20040121. I can't observe, I can't challenge anybody (or see a list of players). Players can challenge me but I cannot accept (get an error). Does any of those functions work for you?
I've just tried this. I use wine-20040309. I get a couple of error messages, but I can log in. The screen is gray. Maybe those messages are about the interface? Anyway, I can see my gibo list and user prefs. I can also be challenged and I seem to be able to play. But, as I can't see the game list or player list, I can't challenge or observe.

Random Questions

ilanpi Why do most of the users have ID's of the form "int-x", where "x" is a sequence of digits? Is it because their ID is in Korean text and cannot be interpreted by my system?

Hikaru79: Good question, ilanpi... I'd always assumed it was Dashn's way of marking Guest accounts (like IGS's Guest49683068). But your idea makes sense too, since I don't see any other s/ns with korean characters. Anyone have a definite answer on this?

muhihi?: When observing games, is there any way of going back moves to see what the board looked like earlier on?

RobFerguson: The links in this FAQ do not work. Also, it used to be I was able to do problems on this site, but its no functioning worth a darn anymore. Can anyone tell me how to make the problems work?

Qopat: Has someone been able to get the client to work with the current builds that are available on the Dashn Site? If so, please let us know how you did it!

MHenry: I am an English version Dashn user. Since about the beginning of February 2009, after enjoying Dashn successfully for several years and providing a working version of Dashn to several others, I am no longer able to connect to Dashn using my existing client, cannot open a new account on its web site under a different user name, and cannot play on line from the site. I have the same problem with three computers, all of which have connected for the past several years with virtually no problems. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there something going on with Dashn I don't know about? Feel free to email me at mhlester (at) ca.rr.com

Arjuna: I am unable to install this client no matter how hard I tried. I really liked this site in the past, but the user support is non-existant. The english version of the site wasn't updated in years. Does anyone know anything about this? Can anyone provide some informations. I love the way players on that site used to play. I really am disappointed that I can simply not able to play there anymore.

betterlife It still works. You simply need the update.exe which strangly is not availabe on the dashn website anymore. [ext] I put it on my own website, feel free to try it out. The main problem now is an other though. Since the database got messed up in late 2009 it's no longer possible to register new accounts in english but if you have an old account it still works everthing fine.

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