Chinese and Kobayashi fuseki

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Chinese Kobayashi Fuseki  

In this opening, Black starts with the low Chinese opening of B1-B3-B5. Then he does not answer W8 to set up a Kobayashi fuseki formation at the bottom, with B9 and B11 at a.

Chinese Kobayashi Fuseki  

The Black formations combine into a formidable moyo which White almost has to invade. Simply "punishing" the unanswered W8 in the previous diagram, by grabbing the corner at a, will probably not outweigh Black's perfecting his moyo with b, although one can find at least a game between Cho Chikun and Yoda Norimoto where White did exactly so and won the game ...

The invasion  
The invasion  

This is more or less a Global joseki resulting from this opening. White has settled her invading stones in gote. Black uses his natural sente to now return to the unanswered a, combining nicely with B5 and B7, or move to the widest area with b, which can be considered more active.

One cannot help (at least at my 2d level), that Black's play is very natural and active here.

The AlphaGo teach tool viewed this position as a relatively good result for Black.[1]

Good for white  

However, it believes that white's attachment is very good.

Recent variations

Chinese Kobayashi Fuseki  

In the 2011 Samsung cup, Li Zhe defeated the formidable prodigy Park Junghwan. The variation used here by Li (Black) is B1, which had been played since at least 1998. B3 would normally be at B9, since B1 is already closer to the invasion than the standard pattern. One can feel the strong resistance by both professionals in almost every next move. The result of the skirmishes had White sacrifice the lower right, in exchange for swallowing black+circle on a large scale as well.

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[1] [ext]

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