Capturing Race Exercise 14 / Attempts

Black to win the capturing race  

Eratos Didn't realise there was a capturing race for a while there! Does this move do it? I can't seem to find a white reply...

This W2 also doesn't work  


Approach Ko  

W2 makes an approach ko. After taking the ko back White cannot win it right away, but must play atari in the corner to make it a regular ko.

4 at 1  

Confused: This seem to work better, if I'm not missing something.

Shaydwyrm: This looks correct to me, although 5 appears to be unnecessary - white cannot play atari anywhere even after 4, so black can tenuki...likewise, white should not play 4, since she has no follow-up.

unkx80: B1 and B3 is the solution. Of course, Shaydwyrm's point on W4 and B5 is correct.

Capturing Race Exercise 14 / Attempts last edited by Unkx80 on May 7, 2004 - 10:24
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