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Kitani-Go Seigen game  

An interesting passage of fighting occurs after white+circle.

Continuation 1  

The choice of B9 would be a tricky decision.

Continuation 2  

Playing B3 is normally not joseki; clearly Black takes into account the presence of the white+circle stones. All this affected the earlier choice of pincer.

W10 looks for sabaki here.

Continuation 3  

This is the sort of position that had to be envisaged long before. Black has been very respectful of the white+circle stones, and now has to handle the black+circle stones.

Continuation 4  

This is clearly a struggle for good shape. The players are not treating it yet as a running fight, with speed into the centre at a premium.

Continuation 5  

And here is the box connection with B3.

Continuation 6  

The struggle for shape continues. White doesn't have a half eye on the upper side, just an eye in ko, and must come out.

Continuation 7  

Finally the fight in the upper right comes to a halt. Now B3 deals with the upper left.

The game was 1933-03-29 (publication), the first of the initial jubango that was cut short when Kitani was promoted.


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