Beginners Endgame Exercise 1 / Solution

White sente  

W1 is sente. B2 is correct[1].


Later W1 - B4 is sente. Black gets 19 points of territory, while White gets 14 points, for a net local score of +5.

Black error  

B2 is a mistake. W3 and W5 catch the Black stones in a connect and die.

Reverse sente  

The descent, B1, is Black's correct play. Later W4 - B5 is White's sente.

Black gets 22 points, while White gets 14, for a net score of +8. So B1 gains 3 points.

Fewer ko threats  

Anonymous: Isn't this a bit better? After this, a is gote for white. Since black can also hane at b for a point in gote, the score is the same. However, white has a lot less ko threats here.

Bill: This is also a solution. Which is better depends on the rest of the board.


Charles B2 is a nice play. I hardly meet any beginners who would find this, except by accident, though. In a game finding B2 would be a sign of about 1 kyu level, I guess.

White sente  

Bill: B2 here is also correct, and perhaps easier for a beginner to find. One point of the problem is to avoid the atari, which is the novice mistake.

We have already touched upon this on the /Discussion page.

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