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Moves 1 to 10

Moves 1 to 10  

Andre Engels: Not a dan player's sequence certainly (both B5 and B9 would be called 'unusual' at least), but I still want to say "Good".

Moves 11 to 20

Moves 11 to 20  

12: Andre Engels: White should definitely have played atari at a before extending with W2. After W2, a has become slightly less urgent, but still certainly big enough to be played by either player.

13: Andre Engels: Interesting idea, and not bad either.

15: Andre Engels: Black should probably play a first (as should White, any moment now).

17: Andre Engels: Modest. Spending too many moves to not-even-yet capture a stone.

19: Andre Engels: Good.

Moves 21 to 30

Moves 21 to 30  

21: Andre Engels: The usual answer to W10 in the previous diagram is at B2.

23: Andre Engels: Joseki would be at a.

24, 25: Andre Engels: See the comments in the lower left corner.

27: Andre Engels: Good move.

29: Andre Engels: This is a success for White - Black has now played two moves on the second line here.

Moves 31 to 40

Moves 31 to 40  

31: Andre Engels: Good, big.

32: Andre Engels: Inconsistent. Best would have been to play W10 in the previous diagram here, but since White has played where she did play, it is bad now. W10 (the marked stone) is now in a bad position.

33: Andre Engels: Too vague.

35: Andre Engels: Strange shape.

36, 40: Andre Engels: These positions indeed needed playing out. However, the correct move for White is atari rather than descent in this position.

39: Andre Engels: Defending here is not a bad idea (probably not really necessary, but a good moment to think 'better safe than sorry'), but the correct shape would be Black a.


What can you say about the game at this stage?

Andre Engels: White seems somewhat ahead.

Where are the crucial points?

Andre Engels: Black should probably start attacking the two white stones in the lower right. Another important question is how much territory White can make from her upper center framework.

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