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Black first to live  

KarlKnechtel: This is the best I can do right now... Black already has one eye, and the only plausible way to make a second is by capturing. B1 is a natural way to start - anything other than W2 allows B1 at two to capture something and make the eye.

Black first to live  

B3 is double atari, and connecting still leaves White in atari. So White elects to save the larger group of stones here.

Black first to live  

B5 plays atari again, starting a ko. If White chooses to connect instead (at W6), B7 puts the pressure back on.

Nando: Good try, but there's a better way to get life (without ko)

Black first to live  

B1 is the key. White has no choice but to connect at W2. Then, B3 gets the second eye because of the cutting point at a.

White can't destroy the eye  

With the sequence up to B9, Black captures White's group.

Gabriel: Suppose W8 was played at B9. What then?

Nevermind, just saw White would be in atari.


So, White must connect and Black then ensures life.

What about this?

black kills?  

Actually, B is dead in gote, being unable to fill the circled point. B fills, W fills, B can't atari while W can.

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