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lavalyn doesn't need to kill Black, just

Connect out  

Play on the point of symmetry is a good rule in such positions.

A really bad black mistake - so Black can't cut  

Black is caught in a snapback.

A really bad black mistake  

Snapback again.

Black can't atari either - chased around  

Capturing W1 instead of white+circle with B4 loses ALL the Black stones in White's walls when White captures the two lefthand Black stones with W4.

Gorobei: Um, you mean ALL the stones in Black's walls?

lavalyn: no, I mean White lives and Black dies if Black tries to capture the connecting stone.

Gorobei: Ah, "inside" versus "in." E.g. "the box is in the wall," vs "the prisoner is inside the walls." English is a wonderful language :)

Bill: I took it upon myself to edit for clarity. Is it OK now?

Better for Black  

After W1 saves White's stones, Black should normally tenuki.

Later, B4 - W5 is Black's sente.


Guest: Actually i don't see, why W1 is a mistake. W3 is one for sure, but if you place W3 on W5 instead, the black group is lost and the white group on the left is save.

If W3 on W5, black can play B4 on W3 and the white stones are cut off.

Failure continued  
What happens if black answers imediately on 2?  

Connect with 3. Even if Black tries 4, you cut him off with 5. Same on other side.

What happens if black answers imediately on 2?  

Gabriel: And if Black answers B2? W3 is the only correct follow up, otherwise the White stones are immediately cut off, but this allows Black to capture W1 and close them off still.

Reuven: This path was already shown above, up to W3 which put the two stones in atari, making miai of a and b.

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