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A "reverse monkey jump" should work...  

B1 sets up a snapback with black+square and a monkey jump from black+circle.

Now b and e are miai, and c and f are miai. W2 at a will be answered by B3 at e or f.

However, a reverse monkey jump from the other direction does NOT work:

Monkey jump from the wrong side  

If black plays like this, white can cut by playing at b:

Monkey jump from the wrong side  

Now black cannot play at a to connect due to shortage of liberties.

unkx80: You got it! =)


Another solution?  

DaNoize?: What can white do to prevent connection when B1 is played here?

Herman Hiddema: White can play a. After black b, white plays atari at c, cutting off the black group.

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