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sjoelund (29-30k): Since the standard response for black at a is to invade at W2, don't we do the same here? If black plays B3, we answer W4.

Not solved.  

unkx80: Nice attempt there, but this is not solved. B5 and B7 allows Black to connect outside.

Black cannot escape  

sjoelund: Hopefully this is the right sollution. It seems to work as it should. "a" and "b" are miai for black, but none work. ichundso?: Black shoudl ignore W2 (as seen below)

Black tries "a"  

This BulkyFive dies quickly

Black tries "b"  

This is also the shape of a BulkyFive

Failure (1)  

If we block at W2, B3 forces W4. Black then plays B5 and has a living formation.

Brent: Actually, White can still make a ko: see rectangular six in the corner. But of course playing W2 at W4 is still the way to go.

unkx80: B5 at a lives unconditionally.

ichundso?: B3 a "a" too.

Failure (2)  

If we don't defend the cut in the other failure, black escapes.


ichundso? This is the best result for white i can think about. W2 at W8 wont be good, because black wont play at W4 since he can get 2 eyes (no need to escape anymore as seen below). Note that B9 avoids a ko fight because if he cant push at a if W9


white cant push at a

unkx80: ichundso?, your reasoning is not quite right. Please see the /Solution page.

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