BQM 588

How to handle a weak group?  

B10 is the first move I am really unhappy with. A move at a might cover the weakness indirectly while making points.

Dieter: I have a comment on this below.

kb: black+circle is not ideally placed - did the approach white+circle occur after the joseki at top right? How did this position arise?

tapir: Yes. First Black approached in top left, then White approached top right in sente, then bottom right, then reduction at W1.

How to handle a weak group? II  

I am not sure about B12-B16, but I was looking for a way to profit from the weak white group.

Basically the question here is, a move like B8 feels right, but I don't quite know what to do with these stones afterwards. Just let them sit there and annoy White? Try to pull them out around b? Actively sacrifice them?

fractic: B8 feels really heavy to me. If the B4-W5 exchange wasn't on the board would you ever play there? But if B4 is a kikashi you shouldn't be bothering to save it. Also B12 and on don't have any impact on the white center group. So how is that profiting from it?

Timm(5k): B6 as an answer to W3 seems very passive.

tapir: In my little world B8 is just a standard idea to put pressure on the white group.

Andre Engels: Playing B8, then leaving it be does not seem like a good strategy. Basically, you are exchanging this move for W11. That looks like a good exchange for white, W11 does more than B8. I think the white stones are not as weak as you make them out to be, and as such, you should not be attacking them too hard. Just let them lay on the board for the time being, and maybe if another weakness appears in the white position you can do something with (against) them. B12 to B16 certainly are not the way - those stones are not really influencing the white ones. Which does not mean that they are bad moves, but this is not the way to do something with the white stones - but then again, I think that that is just an issue of patience.

About 10  

Dieter: I think Black should reinforce here, with multiple purposes. White can cut in gote at a and then Black can descend at b. It is hard for White to separate that string now, because the corner is weak and there is another weakness at c. On the other hand, I agree that B1 is a better move in itself than black+circle, so B8 in the first diagram could be here as well, being multi-purpose.

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