BQM 511

    Keywords: Tactics
What is a reasonable answer here?  

tapir: This transposes to 3-4 point, 5-4 approach, tenuki, attachment, tenuki - still interesting :)

Herman: More to the point: 4-5 point, 4-3 approach, inside contact, tenuki :)

One option  

Herman: This is probably something reasonable (aiming at Wa later)

Something like this?  

Andy: This looks pretty normal to me.


Andy: Trickier if black values the left more than the corner. This looks kind of screwy to me and black needs to cover the cutting point eventually (a?). Any better ideas for black if black wants the side instead of the corner?

tapir: this has been tried once in a pro game with B6 at b. some variations with this B2 i have seen in mastergo try for some "non-working-net-squeeze" (in one or another way)

something like this  

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