3-3 Point Method Dictionary

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3-3 Point Method Dictionary
Part 4 of the series: Korean Baduk Academy Recommended Best-Selling Collection
September 2001
ISBN10 7-5009-2185-3
220 pp.

3-3 Point Method Dictionary (三。3技法辞典) is volume three of the four volume Korean Baduk Academy Recommended Best-Selling Collection (韩国棋院推荐畅销丛书) translated into Chinese. 220 pages. ISBN: 7-5009-2185-3


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Table of Contents:

Part 1. 45 Basic Methods to Deal With Invasion of the 3-3 Point
Part 2. 20 Questions on How Pros Attack and Defend the 3-3 Point
Part 3. 20 Questions on 3-3 Point Life & Death Situations

Sample Material

Example: The Sixteenth Pattern

Pattern 16  

This particular pattern has 12 follow up diagrams. A few of which are reproduced below. Each pattern and associated diagrams are accompanied by a summary and a paragraph of text.

Pattern 16: Diagram 1  

図1 (有力的切断)
Diagram 1 (A powerful cut)

Pattern 16: Diagram 2  

図2 (歼灭黑棋)
续上図。1,3去掉眼位。但至白10,黑棋给自身选成了很大的麻烦,结论是黑 black+circle 子立自找麻烦。
Diagram 2 (Black is annihilated)
Continuing from the diagram above. B1 and B3 reduces White's eyespace in the corner. But through the bend of W10, Black has created very significant problems for himself; the conclusion is that Black caused a lot of trouble for himself by playing black+circle.

Pattern 16: Diagram 3  

図3 (黑棋失败)
Diagram 3 (Black's Attack Defeated)

Pattern 16: Diagram 4  

図 4 (常见的劫活)
Diagram 4 (Ko for life is the normal result)

Pattern 16: Diagram 5  

図 5 (黑棋死)
Diagram 5 (Black dies)

Pattern 16: Diagram 6  

図 6 (黑棋无计可施)
Diagram 6 (Black is powerless)

Pattern 16: Diagram 7  

図 7 (先很重要)
Diagram 7 ("It's important to play the placement first")

Pattern 16: Diagram 8  

図 8 (白棋因小失大)
Diagram 8 (White sustains a large loss for little gain)

Pattern 16: Diagram 9  

図 9 (还原劫争)
Diagram 9 (Transposes to the ko fight variation)

Pattern 16: Diagram 10  

図 10 (好手段)
白 1 , 黑 2 点是正解. 至黑 6, 白棋被净杀.
Diagram 10 (Excellent placement)
W1 plays hane, The placement of B2 is correct solution. Up to B6, White is utterly killed.

Pattern 16: Diagram 11  

図 11 (白棋劫杀黑棋)
Diagram 11 (Ko to kill)

Pattern 16: Diagram 12  

図 12 (割下白棋的尾巴)
Diagram 12 (Cut off the tail of the White group)

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