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The 5-3 angle play: a mistake

5-3 shoulder hit  

What happens to contact plays at 5-3?

I saw this for the first time in my games, and do not know a thing about it. Searches in Kogo's Joseki Dictionary and sensei's revealed nothing too!

R - Could have something to do with an a-b-c kind of exchange as pros don't like getting haned like that? Or maybe because B can simply tenuki?

Harleqin: There has to be a really very good reason to tenuki a shoulder hit, locally the difference from who moves next is HUGE. I mean HUUUGE. Just imagine a white play at 'a'. Should I get confronted with this situation in a casual game I most likely will play 'a' without thinking. In a tournament game I will likely think a few seconds, then play 'a' anyway. White definitely should not answer at 'b' because black 'c' is a major pain in the shape (that has nothing to do with being a pro). The original shoulder hit in this diagram is usually a very bad move unless necessary for sabaki when heavily outnumbered. The same holds for the shoulder hit at the top of this page.

Charles That's not a shoulder hit, nor even a proper contact play.

tapir: The 4-4 point stone is the shoulder hit - and white "tenukied" on it.


Just play B1 without thinking too hard. white+circle ends up badly placed.

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