BQM 453

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was looking at all corner positions and found this one missing

And before writing a page with mistakes I would like to have it here as problem


what is the status of this four on the fourth line in the corner??

Well, there is one stone on each line, 1 to 4.

White to kill?  

ThorAvaTahr: I am quite sure that black can live if he plays. But I feel death if white starts. Even the crude hane W1 seems to kill black.

better W3  

hhw: W3 at a is too lenient, if Black defends with B2, W3 here is much simpler.

After W1  

hhw: After W1 there doesn't seem to be much Black can do. Any Black play on the red squares can be (crudely) answered by White at c.

After W1  

hhw: Black at a and c are the most interesting. But it looks like Black at a and b are defeated by White at x, and Black at c can't do much after White y.

Black at c  

hhw: Seems like strongest Black defense (from my poor reading). After W5, Black at d followed by White at e kills the corner. The cut at f doesn't look to contribute much for Black, since White can run along the second line.

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