BQM 319

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kb: From a KGS game. Black to move.

Status of white group?  

Black kills?  

Tomas (5k): After B1, I think white is dead. W must defend the cut at a somehow.

Black kills? (2)  

Tomas (5k): B3 removes the possibilty of an eye there, and after B5 w can no longer make two eyes.

zinger: Interesting. At first it looks like W4 could be at B5, but then black can play a. In fact I think B3 at a might work. Then again white might try W2 at b. Anyway an interesting problem.

Black kills? (3)  

Tomas (5k): Whites attempt to make his eye large enough for seki fails.

Kichiro (16k): Wouldn't 4 on 5 make an eye for white? And give white the advantage to win the battle?

fractic: 4 is a black move in this diagram so I suppose you're talking about W4 in the last diagram. zinger allready suggested a in that diagram is the answer. It sets up miai to connect the stones out to either side (assuming white can't escape on the left).

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