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Double approach non-joseki move  

Black has played a non-joseki move at B9. If white connects at a and black invades at b white starts to look like he has played in the wrong direction taking into account W6.

Is white a wrong?

dnerra: Don't make your life too difficult. White a can never be wrong.

zinger: Agree. B9 is a classic bad peep - white's reply at a strenghtens her position much more than B9 helps black. Just connect, and say "thank you".


Remembering a joseki where white answers W1 if black plays a instead of the marked stone we tried this variation:

DrStraw This is a very telling comment! "Remembering" instead of "Understanding". This emphasizes the need to not just remember joseki but to understand the reasons behind the moves. In fact, if you understand the reasons you don't need to remember, hence the saying "Forget 100 joseki as soon as you can".


W6 at B7 seems to do no good for white, but this seems quite bad too with the cutting point and the aji.


This is the best variation for white that I (Zagga) can find, but is it actually good? Or does it look like white has blocked in the wrong direction as in a 3-3 invasion?

How should white really play after black P5?

dnerra: I don't understand why this is wrong direction. Anyway, black has exchanged the marked stones for W1 and W9 (which could also be played at b or c), and this local loss would more than make up for the hypothecal gain in forcing White into the wrong direction.

Btw, I rather find W6 in the first diagram above unusual, it looks like wrong direction to me.


HermanHiddema White could simply block from the left like this. Now both black+circle stones have become bad moves, because they have induced white to play good moves (W1 and W9) without gaining anything much themselves.

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