BQM 256

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These questions appear in TsumegoFromGames48.

White looks vulnerable  

What happened  

Questions are:

  • Is invasion possible?
  • Is B7 right?
  • Where should B9 be?

Black tried B9 between B1 and B5, which led to a ko at circle for seki, but lots of things seem to lead to ko at square for life.

option to submit  

zinger: Well, white can play this way, which is a little submissive but seems to give unconditional life.

Different attack  

Alex: Without having done any reading, this B3 looks at least as plausible as the B3 given in the game. Anyone care to suggest some continuations?

Bill: W4 is usual, no?

Different attack  

tderz: B3 makes miai of an attempt to live with a or cutting with b. Who would be faster?

Different attack  

tderz: Unfortunately, B5 is not sente, hence Black dies like this.
A semeai Bs-Wr-Bt will be won by White as Black only has 4 liberties (5-2+1),
whereas White has about 6 liberties.

If there was a black stone around p and Black could get a B8 in place, Black might think about of connecting with r ff. but this is not the case here (also all black area would be destroyed as White would most probably not die in the Black influence, but it's an interesting idea).

Different attack  

tderz: if B wanted to enclose with these black+circle and black+square
(in gote: black+circle-W_r_-black+square),
then he better could do so without [20] invading & settling the corner, I guess.

Different attack  

tderz: Rhetoric question: Could black resist with B7 ? (Answer: No)
The idea would be to start a semeai with the white+circle.
White c is an easy way to stay out of problems though.
White d or e could lead to trouble
(as they might rely on a bad atari f taking away a liberty from White and perhaps allowing for something like g+c)

Different answer  

Dave: I think that playing W2 here leaves black with too few liberties to fight on either side. If Black plays 3 at 4 instead, then White a. It seems that b is not even sente for Black.

White kills  

Bill: Instead of W8 in the game, W1 leads to an easy kill. If B4 at B5, W4 leaves Black dead.

standard sequence for preserving aji  

tderz: [20] This is a standard sequence for closing off the (small) side, while still preserving aji.
Wa-Bb-Wc could follow (we don't know the game constellation here, i.e. how that would affect the 5 black stones on the right). Please notice that Black never wants to give the atari m as White would be glad to connect at n
...=> and the black corner-aji at q, r would be gone. (if s.o. finds a link to an appropriate Senseis page which displays the execution of this aji p/q, pl. link)

standard defense  

Bill: W2 is a standard defense which might be appropriate in this kind of situation.

Alex: Yes, I think this is much better than W2 in the other diagram. The shape shown in the tderz's diagram usually arises the other way, with a kick at W2 (in tderz's diagram) coming first, followed by a Black hane underneath at B1 (an alternative to the more normal stretch upwards, when Black wants to stay light and take sente), then White blocking at the marked stone.

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