BQM 254

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how to punish?  

Calvin (11k): B1 seems to be a mistake (or hamete). But what's the best way to punish? It looks like white needs to protect the cut a a now. To push through and cut at b looks like overplay now.

bad exchange for black?  

Calvin I don't think B1 completely removes the aji of the cut at b, so I'm thinking that even if white defends solidly with W2, black still has to come back with something like close like B3 and the B1 / W2 exhange is not necessary. Thoughts?

nachtrabe: Why do you think B1 is a mistake? It looks like a continuation to me. It may be small depending on the rest of the board) but I'm not sure there is a "punishment" per se. B3 in the second diagram also seems over-concentrated to me (jeongseok would be c in the first diagram if black hadn't played B1, and so I'm not sure how B1 forces a closer play than c).

What aji?  

Dave: If the marked stone does not remove the aji of the cut, what is the aji after 1-10? I think the aji is gone. The refutation of the marked black stone can not be the passive connection by White I think.

Both sides  

Bill: Generally I think W2 is fine. If B3, W4 and White has played on both sides. Also, Black is overconcentrated. Instead of B3 if Black plays a pincer at, say, a, White has room to extend to b.

No follow up for black?  

Dave: White does not have to "punish" Black. The punishment seems to be included in the original play. There is no meaningful follow up for Black. The cut with B1 achieves nothing. Black would be much better off to have played the marked stone as an extension down the left side. The marked stone is virtually a pass by Black, isn't it?

Calvin: Ah, did not consider this sequence, which shows the cut to be gote for black. Thanks!

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