BQM 239

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Next impossible invasion I fail to kill, no dinner for a week.

Moves 226 to 235  

Calvin If B6 is at a, then W7 no longer requires B8, but I think even with this, B8 at a might save some trouble. Also, you might consider B10 at b, since it is where white has the most space.

Moves 236 to 245 (10 at 3)  

Any suggestions? Tell me if I'm abusing the BQM...

Calvin: If B6 at W9, can the ko be fought? I don't know. It seems black has a and white has b, but the game is almost over and the corner is big.

White dies 1  

Dave: At this point as Calvin points out above B1 is a vital point. White can not make two eyes. B3 and W2 are miai. Whichever White chooses, Black plays the other.

White dies 2  

Dave: Black can start with B1 here as well.

White is dead, B2 elsewhere, B10 at B8  

Dave: If White descends back at W9, remember "The L group is dead". B2 can tenuki. If W3 (for example), Black handles it with B4, etc. (B10 at B8).

Don't fear the cut?  

JoelR: I don't see what White can do to live after B4. White does have some yose moves on the lower edge, but with the weakness at W3, Black was already going to have to give way there.

Don't fear the cut (2)  

If this W3, then B4 here. If any other W3, B4 connects at a, and White has very little room.

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