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Jonathan: Here is a position from a recent game.

Thanks in advance to y'all who chime in with ideas.

Black next?  

Jonathan Cano: Question: what is Black's best response to W4?

Andy: I would have liked B3 at a but failing that I suppose B5 at b. White played W2 just to mess you up and doesn't really care what happens to this stone so I'd be sure to leave the upper left corner with some aji and have an eye to a counter-pincer at d. What you don't want is to let white seal off a big corner in the upper left in sente while you worry about your wedge/kakari stones on the left.

Charles W4 before Black has added a stone at c looks inconsistent; could be a mistake.\

Black next?  

If simply B1 here, what has white+circle accomplished?

And now the 3-3 invasion at p will be easier for Black to play, since the group on the outside is that bit stronger.

Jonathan: I actually played B1 in the game...

The actual game.  

Jonathan : I felt the sequence to B3 was decent for black (me) but I then bungled things and played the slow move at 'a' while white took 'b' <arrrgggghhh> .

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