Avalanche - double hane

  Difficulty: Expert   Keywords: Joseki
Avalanche: double hane variation  

B7 is the a variation of the avalanche joseki. The normal answer to this move is white a, but white b has been played as well.


After W1, White captures a stone making shape, while Black takes the key point with B4. Next, a is a large point for both, while b is a nice tesuji for Black. Black c is not considered joseki: Black b is better.

The vital point  

Black a is a big move (note that White is not guaranteed to answer it, though), but if Black wants to increase his influence, Black will play at B1 instead. The forceful response of W2 is White's best answer. Black should not play at B5 with B3, because W3 makes too good a shape. Neither player should place much importance on the white+circle stones in this variation. White can also play W4 immediately at W6 and try to get the best out of the ensuing fight.


Counter-attacking with W2 is possible too. The position quickly ramifies:

Counterattack var 1  
Counterattack var 1 ctd  

White has influence on both sides


B1 is not such a good idea. Although the pressure is on White's top group, Black has cutting points all over the place.

White's possibilities  

If Black plays tenuki, W1 is larger than it looks (a black play at the same point is also large). White threatens to cut at a: B2 is a peaceful answer. The value of the white+circle stones is even lower than before. White can also choose to play in the center at b instead of W1.

Black sacrifice (11 at W8, 12 at a, 13 at b, 14 at c)  

With B2, black sacrifices stones for influence.

A variation  

Black can also play atari at B1 before playing B3. Although it looks vulgar, this is a viable way of playing. The correct continuation for Black is B5: other moves do not work out well. After White captures with a, Black can connect either at b or at c.

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