Keywords: Software

Author: Michael Dobbins
Price: Free
Category: client, editor
Operating system: Android
Reads format(s): sgf
Writes format(s): sgf
Languages: English, German, Russian, Itialian,
Partial Chinese and Korean
Stable Version: 1.67 (12/7/2016)
Development status: Active
Programming language: Android Java
Homepage: none
Size of installer: 851k
System needs: "External" storage[1],
Android 1.6+
Infos last checked:

anDGS is a client for the Dragon GoServer and a sgf recorder, reviewer and editor. Currently not on the Play store due to Google API level upgrade needed. The fixes are in development and testing. 4/21/2020

Key Features:

Client for Dragon Go Server

  • Complete game play functions:
    • Set handicap
    • Play moves
    • Pass, resign or delete game
    • Score
    • Play ahead (predict moves) - start notifier for full feature
  • Basic Waiting Room functions
    • List available Waiting Room games
    • Join a game
  • Auto option (Check for Moves) to help sequence through waiting games and messages
  • Notifier to prompt for available games and messages
    • Notifier will play the predicted moves in the background
    • preferences for a permanent icon and auto start on app start
  • Game lists of your games:
    • Running games
    • Finished games
    • Observed games
    • Multi-player (Team) games
    • Games can be downloaded from list to client for viewing
  • Open displayed game in editor to try out variations then return back to player
  • Message features
    • View Messages
    • Send a normal message to another user or reply to a normal message
    • Accept or Reject game invitations
    • View and dismiss Bulletins
  • user features
    • View info
    • View rating graph, redirected to browser
    • Find user, redirected to browser
    • Invite to play (currently Fischer time only)
  • Enter move comments, short press to type, long press on comment to get to an editable list of canned comments
  • Some other functions are/can be redirected to the proper browser page
    • Game negotiation
    • Message with embedded html
  • Game Notes can be displayed/edited with an app preference
  • Status Game order (preference)

Local recorder/viewer/editor:

  • Supports most standard sgf markup and labels
  • sgf games can be loaded from websites or local files system and saved to local file system
  • Start new game
    • Fixed or free handicap
    • Whole or half point Komi
  • Scoring
  • Reviewer with auto step through moves or guess the next move; can review one game or all the games in a directory
  • Game controls:
    • Fast forward/backward
      • Short press to move a configurable number of moves
      • Long press to go to beginning or end
    • Forward/backward
      • Short press next/previous move
      • Press and hold to automatically step forward/backward for as long as button is held
    • Up/down variations
  • Editor modes:
    • Browse
      • Touch a stone to go to that move
    • Edit
      • Add/delete stones/variations
    • Markup
      • Add/change/remove markup symbols and labels
    • Guessmove
      • Guess the next move
    • Autoplay
      • Automatically cycle through the moves
  • Features for live tournament recording:
    • Auto saves a recovery file if accidentally exit app
    • Replace a earlier miss-placed move: Go to move, touch somewhere else and select "Replace one move" from the popup
    • Quickly remove the last move by touching it, then play somewhere else


  • Board sizes 5x5 - 25x25
  • Optional coordinates on board
  • Move entry modes:
    • Touch to zoom to area and touch to place move
      • Zoom sizes 7x7, 9x9, 11x11, 13x13
    • One touch option for tablet users
    • Touch and slide the stone
    • D-pad for early devices
  • Portrait or landscape layouts
  • Several color themes
  • Select-able stone graphics: Clam shell and monochrome print look
  • Predefined Wood grain, plain white or brown color boards as well as Pick any color.
  • Label previous moves
    • 0 - no move numbering
    • -1 to -9, negative numbering, useful for seeing the moves going backward while playing
    • 1 to 99, positive numbering, similar to diagram numbering

Where to get it:


[1] needs "External" storage, if saving/reading games

anDGS last edited by mdobbins on April 21, 2020 - 20:04
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